M.I.C. has teamed up with RCN UWC to make a documentary about YLSC China 2010

We have obtained the official approval from Red Cross Nordic United World College to film a documentary about the Youth Leadership Summer Course that they are organizing in China in July 2010. This event will bring together youth from all over the world, who will spend 3 weeks in rural China, living with local host families and participating in service activities, reforestation programs, and workshops and seminars about peace, international understanding, education and ethnic tolerance.

Please help us out in this journey. In order to cover our travel costs to China, we are looking for donations, and we would appreciate immensely any financial support we could get. Please take a minute to to get to know us, read about our project and, if you can, help us out in this endeavor!


About micebergcollective

We are a multinational group of UWC graduates from Romania, Bangladesh and Colombia and the U.S. Thanks to the mission of UWC we have become a group of artists and political activists who are committed to use film and media in order to promote international understanding, environmental awareness, civic engagement and human rights advocacy. Thanks to UWC and Middlebury College we were able to pursue our passion for social media and collaborate on audiovisual projects that envisioned media as an educational and empowering force. Thus, in our senior year of college, we formed ‘The Melting Iceberg Collective’, an advocacy group that uses video and social networking on the Internet to raise awareness on environmental, social and political issues worldwide, in an effort to inspire people to take action in their own communities.
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