M.I.C. Interviews 17-year-old Yusuf Ahmed from The Maldives

An outstanding student with a passion for astronomy and environmental activism, Yusuf Ahmed has been chosen to represent The Maldives at the Youth Leadership Summer Course in China. In this interview with the Romanian element of M.I.C., Ioana, he talks about YLSC China, the problem of young people’s lack of involvement in agricultural labor, and the threat that global warming and rising ocean levels pose for the future of The Maldives.

Yusuf concludes by reasserting the importance of youth becoming agents of change and taking an active interest in their responsibility towards their country. When asked what this responsibility means to him, he simply says it is “to make the place better for everyone around. To make it a good place to live in.”

And yes, we think it is indeed that simple.


About micebergcollective

We are a multinational group of UWC graduates from Romania, Bangladesh and Colombia and the U.S. Thanks to the mission of UWC we have become a group of artists and political activists who are committed to use film and media in order to promote international understanding, environmental awareness, civic engagement and human rights advocacy. Thanks to UWC and Middlebury College we were able to pursue our passion for social media and collaborate on audiovisual projects that envisioned media as an educational and empowering force. Thus, in our senior year of college, we formed ‘The Melting Iceberg Collective’, an advocacy group that uses video and social networking on the Internet to raise awareness on environmental, social and political issues worldwide, in an effort to inspire people to take action in their own communities.
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