“Amlet” is a documentary by M.I.C.’s Luisa Covaria, a graduate of Mahindra UWC and Middlebury College. It tells the story of a Mexican immigrant woman who crosses the border while pregnant, and leaving her three year-old behind. Amlet narrates the difficulties of raising a child from miles away, and how the mother finally manages to reunite with her son.

M.I.C.’s Ioana Literat, a graduate of Pearson UWC and Middlebury College, is the field coordinator of The Modern Story, a filmmaking program in public schools in India. This is a snapshot of her work in media education, through clips from a few videos produced by her 8th and 9h class government school students.

“Obituary”, a delicate and thoughtful video by M.I.C.’s Louis Lobel, asks twenty-five individuals about their visions of their lives in retrospect. The conclusion that emerges from this project is exalting: faced with a question about the inevitability of death, people most often build their answers around conceptions of life and its celebration.


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