Carmen KaMan Kong is  a freelance journalist at the moment, completing her masters studies in July 2011. She specializes mainly in European Affairs, culture and China. She publishes online and in print magazines, in English and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), but she also speaks enough German to get around and a tiny bit of Spanish. She’s wants to use media (online/offline) to spread great ideas and make a change.

Journalist focusing on European Affairs, culture and China

Carmen is located in London, UK/HongKong/Germany


Visit her website: 

Visit her website:

Becky Palmstrom is a freelance journalist and currently a Rotary World peace fellow at UC Berkeley’s graduate school of journalism. Before moving to America Becky worked in Myanmar (Burma), reporting on everything
from sex workers, to the heroin trade and Cyclone Nargis’ impact on the country. Most recently she facilitated a documentary video project in a refugee camp in the north of Kenya working with 30 young refugees from Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Uganda and Rwanda to make short films about their lives.

Freelance Journalist

She Currently lives in Berkley, California, USA


VIsite her website


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