It took the whole of one foggy Beijing day for all the participants to arrive, one by one, into what was for most, a first step into the unknown that is China.

By the end of the day, friendships had formed, an almost contagious bonding amongst the 33 students from all over the world.

The next two and a half weeks promised to 
be “one helluva of a time in China.” Daily workshops focused on teamwork, finding consensus, leadership, and exploring issues most relevant to our world today.

From Beijing to Yinchuan, to the rural, Hui village of Guyuan, and back again — a quick dash across northern China.

Chapter I : Getting to know each other

Chapter II: China is in the eye of the beholder

Chapter III:  Language

Chapter IV:  Major city to minority village

Chapter V: Chopsticks, karaoke and taiji

How it all Began!

We were thrilled after reading the communication sent by RCN UWC calling out for youth beyond the UWC community to get involved in YLSC China. We understand and admire the concept behind YLSC, given our own experience with the UWC movement, and it has been more than a privilege to be involved with this event: it is our way of giving back too, and of spreading the word about a movement and an idea that has shaped who we are today.

We contacted the organizers of YLSC in China, and our proposal to make a documentary about this fantastic event was officially approved and very much appreciated.

Download Proposal


2 Responses to CURRENT WORK

  1. Hi!

    I am a 2009 Pearson UWC graduate. Currently working as an asst. Director with a film company and interning at Disney, LA . Also, double majoring in Film and Theater and Human Development and Social Relations at Earlham College. Just finished my Freshman year.
    I am so happy to see this initiative!
    Anything I can do for you guys?

    • Hi Alisha!

      We are so happy to be connecting we other UWCERS who share our drive and passion. We would love to see some of your work and maybe post links in our blog!
      You can help us by suggesting us to your friends on Facebook! And letting everyone you know about our initiative!
      Leaving comments about our videos, music, photographs, writing in our wall and showing support is very helpful!
      We might be needing help for postproduction, perhaps we would need some interns! We would let you know.
      Of course if you know any investors or possible sources of funding (the million dollar question!) please let us know! Or anyone who wants to get rid of old equipment that helps too!

      And keep posted we are uploading content (videos, music, photographs and soon illustrations) on daily basis!
      All the best,

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